Spring 2021 Lookbook

Spring has finally arrived!! Spring brings warm days, cold days, and rain. It's a season of unpredictability both in weather and fashion. I've put together some outfits perfect for spring. Here are my looks...


Look #1

I love floral and colorful looks in the spring! Throw on a fun mini dress, a pair of knee-high boots, a choker, and you're good to go!

Variations: Grab a cropped jacket and some tights for chillier days.


Look #2

Jumpsuits make for an easy and cute outfit! Pair a cute jumpsuit with a basic tee shirt and your stylin'! I like the way boots look underneath but canvas shoes would look awesome as well.

Variations: If it's a cooler day add a cardigan or if it's warmer you could opt for a bra top instead of a tee shirt.


Look #3

Want to show a little skin? An earth-toned wrapped top is the way to go. Pair the top with neutral pants and platform shoes for a snazzy spring look.

Variations: A loose cropped cardigan is the perfect addition to this look on a colder day.


Look # 4

Ditch a shirt and use a scarf as a top! Put on a pair of canvas pants, comfy shoes, and layer necklaces for a comfortable beachy look.

Variations: Add a cardigan to this look on cooler days.


Look #5

Feeling fancy? Tie up a lace corset over a silky midi skirt, add matching lace gloves, throw on your favorite shoes, and the look is complete.

Variations: Switch the lace gloves to longer silk gloves for added warmth.


Look #6

I'm obsessed with printed trench coats at the moment! Throw on a statement coat over a pair of pastel pants and you'll be cute as a daisy.

Variations: Depending on the temperature you can add a warmer or lighter top underneath the coat.


Look #7

Mixing and matching skirts with long sleeves is one of my favorite spring fashion choices. Put on a bold long sleeve, a simple low rise skirt, some chelsea boots and you're ready for the day!

Variations: A leather jacket would look awesome with this look if it's chilly.


Look #8

It's hard to go wrong with a matching set- especially animal print. An animal print cropped long sleeve and maxi skirt set with some boots and you'll be looking fierce.

Variation: Find a set with thinner material for a warm day


Look #9

Earthy tones are a spring must, especially greens. For a simpler look, wear an earthy-toned backless dress with some white knee-high boots.

Variation: Add a pair of arm sleeves and high socks if it's a colder day.


Look #10

Here comes another long sleeve and skirt outfit! Find your favorite statement skirt and pair it with a simple cropped long sleeve. Add some tights, boots, and a leather jacket for the finishing touch.

Variations: Ditch the jacket and tights on a warmer day.

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