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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

You don't have to live in LA to take good photos! In fact- some of my favorite photos were taken near my house. I made a list of some of my favorite spots REGARDLESS of where you live, along with my photos for inspo ;)

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Store Fronts/ Restaurants

This has got to be one of my favorite photoshoot spot ideas on the list. There are so many different aesthetics you can get depending on the type of store, location, and age of the building. Plus, food makes for a great prop.


Art Galleries / Museums

I am in love with taking photos in art galleries and museums. Artwork is so unique and typically gets switched out so you'll be able to get a lot of different pictures.



Bedrooms are (obviously) easy to come by, and the photos you take can be pretty cool. There are so many different styles of bedrooms, so the pictures you can get are endless. Pose in front of a bed, mirror, or any furniture. Get creative!


Parking Garages

Parking garages offer an industrial look that makes your outfit pop! Check the garage for any stairs, rooftops, or elevators to change up your photos.


The Dark

Pull out that flash! Sometimes, the best background is no background. Wait till it gets dark, don't stand too close to anything and, start taking pictures.


Bathrooms/Changing Rooms

Bathrooms and changing rooms alike make for cool photos. They are a pretty versatile photo spot- you can achieve both a classy or grunge look, and they are virtually everywhere.


Tennis Courts

Although a tennis court photoshoot isn't the most unique photo spot, you can get some really good pictures-it's popular for a reason am I right.



You don't need a fancy car to get some epic car pics- although it does help lol. Go to a junkyard, car museum, borrow a friend's, or even your own and start snapping pictures.


Walls / Sides of Buildings

A plain background matches just about anything! Inside or out, walls are great for photos, and can give a clean, industrial, or colorful look to your photos!


Roller Skating Rinks

Roller rinks make for such interesting pictures! Although these places aren't typically free, they're pretty cheap, and you can do more than just take pics while you're there (obvi). Usually, rinks will have little diners and arcades as well- make sure you go at an off time so no one is in your shots!



If you don't live by any woods, don't worry. Most plants and trees work as a background! You can pose in front of them or even sit and lay in them. If you can't find any plant backgrounds you like, you can always just lay on the ground (sand, grass, and dirt can all work).



Doorways, backyards, garages, patios, or even the houses themselves can all be awesome backgrounds! BUT be sure not to have your address in the frame.



If there are any reservoirs in your area, scope them out for photo spots. Usually, they'll have boats, docs, sand, and other cool things for photos. Regardless, you're able to get shots with water which is nice for people living in a landlocked state.



As weird as it sounds, schools can be a great photo spot. If the public schools near you aren't what you're looking for, check out any local private schools. Usually, they'll have at least one cool building. School buses aren't too shabby for photos either.



The world is such a beautiful place. There are places for good photos literally anywhere. Try to romanticize the city you live in, look at it with fresh eyes, and find the beauty in it. You also need to explore!! There's a good chance a great and unique photo spot just under your nose. Good luck ;)


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