Instagram Spots In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is such a cute city! The architecture and landscaping make for really nice photos. Although I would've loved to, I didn't get to spend a lot of time taking photos but...

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Here are some of my favorite places to take pictures:

(tap the arrows on the collages to see more photos from each place)


International Peace Gardens

This is such a unique place! It's a park filled with sculptures, small buildings, and general pieces that represent different countries from around the world. Be aware that there is a lot of harsh light and shadows midday making it a little difficult to get a well-lit photo.


Temple Square

The architecture in Temple Square is gorgeous! Not to mention there are water features and flowers during warmer months. Keep in mind it is a religious complex so it is important to be respectful.


Gilgal Garden

It's a small garden tuck away in a neighborhood. There are many sculptures and engraved stones all created by one person.


Utah State Capitol Building

I wish I could've spent more time taking photos here! It is such a beautiful place. The building is gorgeous, the stairs, the views, the fountain, and the landscaping all make for amazing photos.

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