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Updated: Sep 16

LA is loaded with amazing photo spots! It makes sense, considering it's the city of dreams. Along with it being the country's center of entertainment, it also has a beautiful landscape. See My Travel Guide to Los Angeles blog post for travel tips & more!

Here are some of my favorite places to take pictures:

(tap the arrows on the collages to see more photos from each place)


Griffith Observatory

Not only has this place been featured in many popular movies, but it also has one of the best views of the city. Just a heads up, It's a little tricky to get good photos inside the actual observatory, so I would recommend planning to mostly take photos outside.


Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is the staple of Los Angeles. You can't leave without getting a photo in front of the iconic sign. There are multiple hikes with amazing views of the sign (some even bring you directly to it). To avoid the hike I would recommend checking out Hollywood Park.



This is personally my favorite Chinatown in the US that I've been to. The architecture is gorgeous and the shops are so cute. I'm absolutely in love with how the photos turned out.


Venice Canals

The canals are absolutely stunning! Definitely a must see spot in LA. It is so peaceful and pretty to walk around, and it makes for stunning photos. Be aware that it can be tricky to find parking.


The Beverly Hills Hotel

I am obsessed with this hotel. It's so cute inside and out. But you don't need a room to get awesome photos there. Just make sure you're not standing in the road during your photo taking.


Old Zoo

Not only is this a sick photo spot, but it's also great for picnicking and walking around. It's really cool seeing all the abandoned enclosures covered in graffiti. The best part? It's free and legal haha.


St. Vincent Court

I think cute streets make for some of the best photo spots. St. Vincent Court is a small street with European styled buildings that are to die for. I absolutely love the vibe of this place.


Old World Village

I gotta say, one of my favorite things about LA is how diverse the architecture and all the hidden gems there are. this place really feels like you could be in a European town, there are even stray cats!


Literally Any Beach

Some of my favorite beaches are in Los Angeles. You really can’t go wrong with taking photos at the beach, especially in LA. There are cute beach homes and shops, along with a nice variety of beaches. There are coves, pretty rocks, and both big and small beaches.


Koren Friendship Bell

This is such a gorgeous and peaceful place. The bell itself is beautiful, but the location is what makes it so amazing. Surrounding the area is grass hills and the pacific ocean. Right next to it is probably the coolest basketball court I've ever seen (It's a typical small court but the view's insane).

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