Halloween Lookbook 2021

It's officially spooky season!! Halloween is soon to be upon us and there's no time to waste. I've put together a collection of very cute and very affordable costumes to rock this year.


Prom Queen

Screw being popular in real life... vote yourself prom queen this Halloween. I went with a vintage pink dress, but any dress will do. Put on a pair of heels, and accessorize with a sash and tiara to authenticate the costume.


Mrs. George

The 2000's have made a comeback, and although "Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it" some years it's nice to look cute while staying warm. All you need is a pink tracksuit and the look's complete, but a cam corder or tray of cocktails is strongly advised.


Water Nymph

Nymphs are beautiful nature deities, and their lack of known apparel allows for a lot of creative freedom. I chose to wear a skin-tight, sparkling purple bodysuit. For makeup, I kept to a more simple look with just a few touches of purple and glitter.


Jessica (Rick and Morty)

Be the girl of Morty's dreams with things right out of your closet. Pair a purple pleated skirt with a purple button-up top. With the finishing touch of a teal headband, you're ready to vaguely reject the guy who has a massive crush on you.


Dead Camper

Think cute girl on a camping trip gets murdered. Every good horror movie has a dead character, and if you’re going to be dead, might as well look cute. Any camping attire will do. l went with a pair of cargo shorts, a bucket hat, and utility jacket. Add some messy makeup and fake blood to sell the dead bit and your look’s complete.



A classic and sexy costume that can be however modest or revealing you'd like. There's a variety of costumes online, but virtually all you need is a black dress, white lacey apron, and a few bows.


Olive Pendergast

Embrace your inner bad bitch without having to deal with the trouble of being the 'school slut' or breaking the bank. Snag a black pair of jeans and corset out of your closet, then complete the look with a pearl necklace and a red taped A.


JoJo Siwa

Dressing as a tween sensation may not scream hot, but honestly, this costume is surprisingly cute (and so easy to create)! Find anything brightly colored or glittery and throw it on. I went rainbow pvc mini skirt, pink leather jacket, yellow crop top, and an old scrunchie I found.



This costume is glamorous as hell, and there are so many options! You can go the classic flapper look and find something online or at a vintage store of course, but honestly, anything with fringe does the job. Just add some gloves, pearls, a flashy headband and embrace the flapper spirit.


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